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  • LUTS New DOLLS & 2020 Summer Event 2nd Limited DOLLS

    Luts have a fantastic summer event that runs from 16th June - 20th July

    There are many new dolls released you will find them in the 'limited dolls' section of the website

  • Luts Limited Resin Colour Event

    Luts Limited Resin Colour Event

    Event period :28th. MAY ~ 20th. JULY. 2020

    This event offers the new skin tones pictured and is for a limited time, any doll, any body, any part, all items are included!

    If you have any questions let me know by using facebook, Instagram or the 'contact us' square at the bottom of this website page.

  • Dream Valley new 1/6 body event

    Available from now - June 10th
    If you place an order for a minimum of $299 you can choose a free 1/6th size head
    Please choose which one you would like in the drop down boxes above.
    Also note - Purple skin will not be available from June 5th, we will order on this date before removing the purple skin option from the website
    Purchasing Casia and Calle are not part of this event, they do not count towards the minimum spend of $299

  • First blog for Angelesque!

    So, we are all in lockdown all over the world right now, we have huge delays getting our dolls to be shipped from the companies to the UK, so what are we spending our time on here? well ..... the stock take has been done on the whole website, so now, if something is on the website for sale, it is definitely here in stock!
    Also, there has been a huge amount of stock that arrives here that i never get chance to list on the website for sale, so, as there is plenty of time at the moment we are also listing items that we have had, there are many more than i thought! so we will be filling up the 'in stock' sections with loads of fab new items over the coming days too
    I hope everyone is doing ok while the lockdown is on and if there are any questions you are welcome to reach out to me either on the contact part of our website, or through social media (Facebook and Instagram)
    Take care, Carol x

  • Monthly order dates released for May

    The website sections for each dealership have been updated with the next dates we will place orders with them, if you want to join in you can order through out the month of May and i will confirm that the orders go to production after this date, as always, any questions please contact us through the website.

  • Monthly order dates released for April

    The website sections for each dealership have been updated with the next dates we will place orders with them, if you want to join in you can order through out the month of April and i will confirm that the orders go to production after this date, as always, any questions please contact us through the website.

  • New orders arrive and are shipped out within 24hrs

    Today we received the first shipments after the Chinese new year holidays and then the Virus outbreak, so no shipments for nearly 2 months!

    There is the last of the Myou dolls, the last Raccoon girl and some Dream Valley dolls and bodies, for regular updates we also post news on our Facebook page.

  • Doll Zone 2020 event until 15th March

    Dragon Po (half sleeping-eye), or Chuan (closed eye)  68cm Doll Zone Limited Doll.

    Basic Price Includes:

    -Basic Doll
    -Eyes (random)
    -Birth Card

    Fullset Includes:
    Basic-set, Face-up(including horns makeup), Body blush, Wig, Outfit.

    Height: 68cm with head included
    Height: 63cm without head
    Eyes: 14mm
    Head circumference: 16cm
    Neck: 5cm
    Chest : 12.3cm
    Waist: 16cm
    Waist wings: 15cm long, 5cm wide

  • Doll Chateau Limited release Cephalopod

    Cephalopod - Doll Chateau 21cm Special Doll.

    The Basic Price Includes:

    - Basic Doll
    - Eyes(Random Colour,14mm)
    - Package Box
    - Certificate

    Full set Includes above basic doll and also:
    - Face-up
    - Body blush
    - Clothes
    - Wig.

    Order Period: 2020.01.17 - 2020.03.17.
    The skin tone in the pictures is Grey skin.

  • Angelesque to Re-launch !!!!

    Hi everyone!
    I feel I have to do this post after I have been made aware of a certain forum has had some negative things to say about me, my business and the service I offer.
    Whilst running Angelesque over the last 14 years I have always tried to be as helpful as i can, as many of you know i work alone, and i am also a mum to 3 children.
    The forum has chosen to not recommend me as a dealer despite me asking the moderators for information and proof of any factors that made them form this decision, they haven't bothered to reply to me, I will therefore no longer be available on this forum to answer any questions. Please direct any enquires you have, or anyone you know, that has questions to either my Facebook, Instagram account or by email to me through the website.
    Ok, so let's start to clear up some of the questions that have been asked .....
    After reviewing the business before xmas it became obvious that representing some of the companies on my website was not financially viable. Added to this the pressure of running both websites on my own and of course having family time I came to the decision to close the website. (in fact i had a buyer wanting to buy the business from me) I would of course have honoured all orders placed with me up to this point.
    Over the xmas holidays and after speaking to my husband, parents etc we decided that i wouldn't sell, but instead to scale down the size of the business, focusing on the more reliable and financially viable companies I had represented.
    The UK side of the website had to be turned off when the site was scaled down in size and this involves UK customers having to re-register their accounts. Loyalty points have and will continue to be transferred to new accounts and no major issues have ensued.
    The original orders are available to be seen by the email receipt that automatically follows all orders placed, if anyone wants copies of their orders, just ask ;)
    Unfortunately due to the financial restraints of placing orders and this having to be done in USD $, previously Angelesque have paid the charges for £ - $ conversions, this has affected how viable the business is, and if a customer was to place an order directly to the Chinese companies then the conversion charge would apply anyway.
    I know this makes it less attractive to deal with Angelesque if you live within the UK, but if this is a deciding factor unfortunately this cant be changed.
    The website will be re-launching officially on Monday 27th Jan and open for orders with the more reliable companies that i now represent.
    Any current orders waiting to be fulfilled will of course be honoured, in fact i have spent all day today packing up many orders of dolls that have been arriving and will continue to do this over the weekend for a big courier collection on Monday. (Pictures will be added over the weekend of these!)
    Emails will be sent with every order that is leaving on Monday so you will receive one if yours is here, if not, then news will follow when the Chinese new year is over and i get more shipments through.
    I hope this answers most of your questions, i will be signing off now as its Friday night and more parcels will be arranged tomorrow as these are my main priority now to complete existing orders, thanks for your time and have a lovely weekend
    Carol xx

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