Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • New Dealerships announced

    We have recently secured 2 fantastic new dealerships to the website, we have Dollshe craft, who are a long established company, they offer an amazing 26 different skin tones when ordering and have recently had a 30% off event, I am still adding them to my website but take a look, their collection is growing day by day!

    The other new dealership is Myou, a lovely new company from China, they are very popular in the Eastern countries and we have had our first stock of them arrive, and most sold out in the first few days! They are stunning, they offer all sizes and also the BB Baby size, the non-skinny MSD and YO-sd sizes, take a look they are on my homepage with a link from the box with their logo on xx

  • International Email Problem

    HI, I am getting more and more reports of people not getting responses from their emails once sent through the website using the 'contact us' page, if this is affecting you please either use my alternative email while this is sorted, or i do have a facebook page which there are links to on the website and message me, i will respond, it is never my intention to not reply to anyone.

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