Monthly Archives: February 2020

  • Doll Zone 2020 event until 15th March

    Dragon Po (half sleeping-eye), or Chuan (closed eye)  68cm Doll Zone Limited Doll.

    Basic Price Includes:

    -Basic Doll
    -Eyes (random)
    -Birth Card

    Fullset Includes:
    Basic-set, Face-up(including horns makeup), Body blush, Wig, Outfit.

    Height: 68cm with head included
    Height: 63cm without head
    Eyes: 14mm
    Head circumference: 16cm
    Neck: 5cm
    Chest : 12.3cm
    Waist: 16cm
    Waist wings: 15cm long, 5cm wide

  • Doll Chateau Limited release Cephalopod

    Cephalopod - Doll Chateau 21cm Special Doll.

    The Basic Price Includes:

    - Basic Doll
    - Eyes(Random Colour,14mm)
    - Package Box
    - Certificate

    Full set Includes above basic doll and also:
    - Face-up
    - Body blush
    - Clothes
    - Wig.

    Order Period: 2020.01.17 - 2020.03.17.
    The skin tone in the pictures is Grey skin.

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