Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • New ordering dates for companies

    The dates which we will be ordering from our various companies gets updated each month, this is the November dates -
    Aimerai - Thursday 30th November
    Akagidoll - Thursday 30th November
    Blue Fairy - Sunday 25th November
    Doll Chateau - Sunday 25th November
    Doll Zone - Saturday 11th November
    Luts - Sunday 25th November
    Nine9 - TBC.
    Gem of doll - TBC.
    Hujoo - Friday 24th November
    Ringdoll -Thursday 30th November
    Souldoll - Thursday 30th November
    ForMyDoll - Friday 24th November
    Impldoll - Monday 27th November
    Little Monica - Friday 24th November
    Resin soul - Thursday 30th November
    Dragon Doll / Telethesia - Wednesday 29th November
    Doll Leaves - Sunday 25th November
    Island - Sunday 26th November
    Loongsoul - Friday 24th November
    Dollshe - Friday 24th November
    Myou - Tuesday 28th November

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