• Doll Chateau Limited Kid doll Twinkle

    The short availability of Twinkle with her amazing K-11-2 body is available full set only until the 10th March, we are ordering on this day and DC will accept our order for any dolls that we order on that day, take a look at her listing Kid Twinkle

  • Doll Zone Christmas Event 2021

    The Winter event is now live on our website and you can order any doll either nude or full set from the Doll Zone range and you get an event doll called Paca for just $68, or full set for $98
    What a fantastic event, only running until the 15th January 2022.

  • Doll Chateau Christmas Event 2021

    The Winter event is now live on our website and you can order at least $700 of items from the Doll Chateau range and you get a FREE Lillian event doll!
    What a fantastic event, only running until the 15th January 2022.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2022

    From Angelesque to you,

    We hope all our customers have a great xmas and a happy new year for 2022.

    Best Wishes from Carol xx

  • Doll Zone discontinuation event Nov 21

    Doll Zone are stopping production of many of their dolls on 30th November 2021 we have made a list below -
    SD dolls

    MSD dolls
    Mist strayer Human ver.
    Mist strayer Mechanical ver.
    Venus halo Human ver.
    Venus halo Mechanical ver.

    YO-sd dolls and bodies
    Miss Kitty

  • Cant access your account?

    Please bear with us, there is an unexpected error affecting a number of accounts where if you want to login it will say 'password wrong' Please don't try to reset your password, as the system is creating a new account for you but the account won't contain any order details.
    Once this is solved I will update on here, thanks, Carol

  • SoulDoll stopping 'old white' resin production

    SoulDoll are stopping the 'old white' resin production from 1st February 2021 and have no date when it will re-start, I will update the listings on the website to reflect this, let's hope its back as an option soon.
    Cheers Carol

  • Doll Zone new Green Resin event

    15th Jan - 28th Feb 2021

    Green Resin Event 

    1/3 Dolls - 

    Gary, Jing, Nan, Wen, Cynthia, April, White Crane, Snow, Nighthawk, Robi, Rowell, Merlin, Mandrake, Licht, Frimaire, Ash and Jasmin

    1/4 Dolls - 

    Rory, Neil, Zero (Human version), Mist Strayer, Venus Halo, Kerse, Penny, Noel, Gumi Gumi (Human version), Rico Rico (Human version), Scarecrow Hal, Carter and Wink Carter

    1/6 Dolls -

    Little Snow, Little Rain, Peach, Black Cat, Miyou, Antu, Honey, JoJo, Yo-Carter, Evan, Milky Tea, Yui, Yuna, Mini Jing, Pink Bear, Hotarubi, Jade Bird

    1/3 Doll Body only -

    B70-004, B68-001, B60-005, NB58-002, NB56-001

    1/4 Doll Body only -

    B45-012, B45-014, B45-015, B45-016, B45-017, B45-018 and NB40-001

    1/6 Doll Body only - 

    B27-004, B27-005, B27-008, B27-009 and B27-010

  • LUTS New DOLLS & 2020 Summer Event 2nd Limited DOLLS

    Luts have a fantastic summer event that runs from 16th June - 20th July

    There are many new dolls released you will find them in the 'limited dolls' section of the website

  • Luts Limited Resin Colour Event

    Luts Limited Resin Colour Event

    Event period :28th. MAY ~ 20th. JULY. 2020

    This event offers the new skin tones pictured and is for a limited time, any doll, any body, any part, all items are included!

    If you have any questions let me know by using facebook, Instagram or the 'contact us' square at the bottom of this website page.

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