First blog for Angelesque!

So, we are all in lockdown all over the world right now, we have huge delays getting our dolls to be shipped from the companies to the UK, so what are we spending our time on here? well ..... the stock take has been done on the whole website, so now, if something is on the website for sale, it is definitely here in stock!
Also, there has been a huge amount of stock that arrives here that i never get chance to list on the website for sale, so, as there is plenty of time at the moment we are also listing items that we have had, there are many more than i thought! so we will be filling up the 'in stock' sections with loads of fab new items over the coming days too
I hope everyone is doing ok while the lockdown is on and if there are any questions you are welcome to reach out to me either on the contact part of our website, or through social media (Facebook and Instagram)
Take care, Carol x