Doll Chateau Kid Twilight

This doll is limited availability, she will stop being sold on 29th April 2024, we will order on this date if you want to order her
There is an event at the moment, if you buy her nude or full set you will get 10% discount (already deducted from the price shown)
If you buy her full set you will receive a free wand with blushing, buy her nude you will receive a free blank wand

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Twilight - 49cm Doll Chateau Special Limited Doll
(discontinued on 29th April 2024)

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head + k-body-16-1 + wings)
- Eyes (Random Colour)
- Package Box
- Certificate

Full set Includes:
- Basic-set
- Face Up
- Body Blush
- Wings Makeup
- Clothes (outfit)
- Wig

Skin tone in pictures is White skin.

Eyes: 12mm
Height: 48.5cm
Head size: 14.5cm
Neck: 5.5cm
Shoulder widh: 6.5cm
Arm length: 21cm
Chest size: 13cm
Waist: 9cm
Hip size: 23cm
Thigh circumference: 10cm
Leg length: 28.5cm
Foot length: 1.5cm
Wing width: 28.3cm
Wand height:53.5cm

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