Dream Valley MSD Body B4-08

Dream Valley MSD Body B4-08
This body is not kept in stock here in the UK at the moment, unless stated above, but another order is being placed on the date shown when you click the Dream Valley logo on the home page, if you want to purchase it you can buy through this site and when payment is received I will add it to this next order and you will receive it once production is complete

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B4-08 Body.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic body
- Package Box
- Certificate

Height: 52cm
Neck circumference 7cm
Shoulder length 9cm
Arm length 15cm
Bust size 18.5cm
Waistline 13.9cm
Hipline 18.4cm
Leg length 27.6cm
Thigh circumference 11.4cm
Calf circumference 8.5cm
Feet length 6cm
Foot width 1.5cm
Wing length 42cm