DollZone 60cm male body, B60-005

DollZone 60cm male body, B60-005

He can be ordered in the next re-stock which will be placed on the date on the home page.

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DollZone 60cm male body, B60-005.

Body only, there is no head.

Body Measurements:

-Height: 62cm (with head on)
-Neck Circumference: 9.3cm
-Shoulder Width: 11cm
-Arm Length: 19m
-Chest Circumference: 24.5cm
-Waist Circumference: 19.2cm
-Hip Circumference: 26cm
-Leg Length: 36cm
-Thigh Circumference: 15.2cm
-Foot Width: 3cm
-Foot Length: 7.5cm

This body is not kept in stock here in the UK at the moment, but another order being placed on the date shown on the home page to re-stock the site, if you want to purchase him you can buy through this site and when payment is received I will add the doll to this next order and you will receive it once production is complete

Thanks for looking