Ring Doll Sweet 26cm Boy Jello

Ring Doll Sweet 26cm Boy Jello

New doll promotion event runs from 2nd January - 30th January 2024
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Jello, 26cm Ringdoll Boy.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll (head+body)
- Eyes(Random Colour)
- Package Box
- Certificate

Full set Includes: NO LONGER AVAILABLE
-Face up
-Eyes (Re-110)
-Wig (RWigs45-38)
-Outfit (RC20-9)
-Shoes (RShoes-25-6)
-Sanshoku Dango (Rot-236)
-Bunny Ear Headband (Rot232)
-Candy Choker(Rot233)
-Small Lepus Timidus(Rot234)

Body and resin colour in pictures is Normal skin with Rsbody-06

Eyes: 7mm
Total Height (head included) : 26cm
Girth of head: 16.8cm
Girth of neck: 5.9 cm
Width of shoulder: 5.5 cm
Length of arm (without hands): 7.5 cm
Girth of chest: 12.8 cm
Girth of waist: 12 cm
Girth of hip: 13.5cm
Length of Leg (without feet): 11.5 cm
Girth of thigh: 7.5 cm
Length of foot: 3.9 cm

Head Code RBB08