Soul Vito Tatum

Soul Vito Tatum

Can be ordered in the next re-stock which will be placed on the date on the home page.

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Vito Tatum 

This is one of the lovely male dolls available in the 'Vito' range from Soul Doll. 

The measurements of the male double jointed body are below-

 Height - 52cm
 Neck - 9cm
 Arm - 13.3cm
 Chest - 23.5cm
 Waist - 17.5cm
 Hips - 22.5cm
 Leg - 30.5cm
 Feet size - 7.5cm
 Eye size - 14mm
 Head size for wigs 6-7 inch

There is a choice of skin colours above.

There is a choice of make up, either the default look or we also have an in house make up artist if you require them to create a more personalised look for you. You would send details by email separately if this custom option was required.

When delivered the doll comes complete with eyes included in a SoulDoll box that is stamped with their logo, cushions for protection in transit and a veil. There will also be a certificate of authenticity included.

This doll is not kept in stock here in the UK at the moment, unless stated above, but another order being placed on the date shown on the home page to re-stock the site, if you want to purchase it you can buy through this site and when payment is received I will add it to this next order and you will receive it once production is complete

Thanks for looking