Karasu - 28cm Dream Valley Doll

Karasu - 28cm Dream Valley Doll

Dream Valley 2020 Summer Event (2020.07.10 - 2020.08.10):
A. Order $530 of Dream Valley products: get a Foxy or Loxy or Tina or Hisui nude doll as gift.
    Order $730 of Dream Valley products: get a Foxy Fullset or Loxy Fullset or Tina Fullset or Hisui Fullset as gift.
B. Order Mahiru or Karasu or Purple and you can join Event A and also a human torso part as gift.
C. Order any Dream Valley products and you can order a pair of 1/6 nude beast claws at $15 (Tan and Grey skin will cost $5 extra).

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Karasu - 28cm Dream Valley Doll (discontinue on 2020.08.10)

Default body is B6-03 Body.

The Basic Price Includes:
- Basic Doll
- Eyes(Random Colour)
- Package Box
- Certificate

Fullset Includes: Basic-set, face-up, Ears and tail makeup, Wig, Outfit, Shoes.
* Body blush is not included in Fullset price.

Skin color in pictures is white skin.
The doll comes with human hands by default, claws can be ordered separately 

Eyes: 14mm
Height: 28cm (when with head)
Height: 22cm (without head)
head circumference: 18cm
neck circumference: 6.5cm
shoulder width: 5cm
arm length: 8cm
chest: 11.8cm
waist: 11.4cm
hips: 13.8cm
leg length: 11.8cm
thigh circumference: 8cm
calf circumference: 6cm
feet length: 3.8cm
foot width: 1.5cm