Dream Valley Event Aiden-wolf/Glen-wolf

Dream Valley Event Aiden-wolf/Glen-wolf
Aiden-wolf and Glen-wolf are 2019 Easter Event limited, they will be discontinued after event.

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Dream Valley 2019 Easter Event (2019.04.08 - 2019.05.31): 

a. Order USD550 of Dream Valley products: get a Nude Aiden-wolf or Nude Glen-wolf as gift.
    Order USD750 of Dream Valley products: get a Aiden-wolf Fullset or Glen-wolf Fullset as gift.
b. Order Aiden or Glen: can get a pair of human feet + human hands as gift.
c. Order Aiden or Glen or Mia: can get nude Dumpling for $30
Important Notes:
 Event a. & c. can't be enjoyed together,
 Please add the correct gift doll to your cart according to your Dream Valley order amount.
All rights reserved by Dream Valley for the event.


Glen-wolf - Dream Valley 2019 Easter Event Gift Doll.

- Basic Doll
- Eye(Random Color)
- Certificate

Skin color in pictures is white skin.

Eye Size: 10mm
Length(ears and tails included): 16.5cm
Height(ears included): 14cm
Length of tail 11cm: 


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