DollZone MSD Ray

Can be ordered in the next re-stock which will be placed on the date on the home page.

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DollZone Ray with double jointed B45-014 body with frog hands and feet.

Doll is pictured in White skin. 

Basic Doll, (nude doll blank or with face-up), includes the following:

-Eyes (Random colour)
-Certificate of authenticity

FullSet Doll includes the following:

-Wig (not sold separately)
-Eyes (14mm random)
-Outfit (is sold separately)
-Shoes (not sold separately)

The full set does not include body blushing but this can be selected separately above.
The frog hands and feet will fit all of the folowing bodies - B45-012, B45-014, B45-017 or B45-018
The outfit includes the golden mesh jacket, dandilion printed shirt, green fake 2 piece overalls, lace pearl collar

Doll Measurements:

-Height: 44cm
-Head: 18.5cm
-Eyes: 14mm
-Neck: 6.5cm
-Shoulder Width: 7.5cm
-Arm Length: 13cm
-Chest: 17cm
-Waist: 15cm
-Hips: 20cm
-Leg Length: 22.5cm
-Thigh Width: 11.8cm
-Foot Length: 5.5cm

This doll is not kept in stock here in the UK at the moment, unless stated above, but another order being placed on the date shown on the home page to re-stock the site, if you want to purchase it you can buy through this site and when payment is received I will add it to this next order and you will receive it once production is complete

Thanks for looking