Doll Zone Green Skin Event

Doll Zone Green Skin Event

Doll Zone 2021 Green Resin Event
15th Jan - 28th Feb 2021

Please choose white (non charged colour) on your chosen doll listing then add the price for green resin before checkout to join this event

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Green Resin Event 

1/3 Dolls - 

Gary, Jing, Nan, Wen, Cynthia, April, White Crane, Snow, Nighthawk, Robi, Rowell, Merlin, Mandrake, Licht, Frimaire, Ash and Jasmin

1/4 Dolls - 

Rory, Neil, Zero (Human version), Mist Strayer, Venus Halo, Kerse, Penny, Noel, Gumi Gumi (Human version), Rico Rico (Human version), Scarecrow Hal, Carter and Wink Carter

1/6 Dolls -

Little Snow, Little Rain, Peach, Black Cat, Miyou, Antu, Honey, JoJo, Yo-Carter, Evan, Milky Tea, Yui, Yuna, Mini Jing, Pink Bear, Hotarubi, Jade Bird

1/3 Doll Body only -

B70-004, B68-001, B60-005, NB58-002, NB56-001

1/4 Doll Body only -

B45-012, B45-014, B45-015, B45-016, B45-017, B45-018 and NB40-001

1/6 Doll Body only - 

B27-004, B27-005, B27-008, B27-009 and B27-010