Loyalty Scheme

Items purchased from this website can earn customer’s angel points. The points earned is the equivalent of 1% of the value of the item purchased. Example: A $300.00 item will earn a customer 3.00 points, ($3.00). On special occasions the percentage earned may increase, some items may have 'Double points or 'Triple points for a set period of time.

An account is required to earn angel points.

Angel points are applied to the customer’s account after the order has been charged, (payment received). Layaway orders will not receive their points until their layaway has been fully paid off.

The minimum amount of angel points a customer can apply, (spend), towards their order is 2.00.

Angel points earned can only be spent on future purchases. Customers can not earn points then apply to towards the very order that the earned it from.

If a customer applies points to their order, and then that order is canceled, the customer's points will be refunded back into their account.

Points are non-transferable. We cannot move points from one account to another.

Angel points have no real cash value; customers can not exchange them for real currency.

Angelesque reserves the right to remove Angel points from the account of any customer who has violated our policies, or is no longer welcomed to place orders whatever the reason.

The Angel points policy is subject to change. Any significant change will be made public on the News page on this website.

If you have a question please refer to our FAQs or you can send an enquiry via our contact page.