Pocket Fairy Fei (MAR, JUN, SEP, DEC)

Pocket Fairy Fei (MAR, JUN, SEP, DEC)

Can be ordered in the next re-stock Blue Fairy have set months of the year when they make certain dolls only, this does speed up production when we place the order!
Available for MAR, JUN, SEP, DEC

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Pocket fairy Jimmy.

Doll is pictured in Normal Skin.

Basic Doll, nude doll blank or with face-up, includes the following:

-Fully assembled doll (body and head)

* Pocket Fairy Body Measurements

- Girl & Boy Body Size
*Height: 14cm 
*Head size : 10.5cm(4.13inch) 
*Arm length: 3.5cm (0.14inch) 
*Shoulder : 4cm (1.6inch)
*Chest : 8.5cm (3.26inch) 
*Waist : 8.3cm (3inch) 
*Hip : 9.5cm (3.75inch) 
*Leg : 6.5cm (2.55inch) 
*Foot : 2cm (0.8inch) 
*Foot length : 1cm(0.4inch)
*Hand : 1.5cm (0.6inch) 
*Hand width : 1cm(0.4inch)
*Neck : 4cm (1.6inch)

This doll is not kept in stock here in the UK at the moment

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